Tim Keller’s new book due out is hopefully the Mere-Christianity for today’s church. It is entitled “The Reason For God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism.” There is a lot of anticipation over this title, both among his partners in ministry in the PCA as well as the broader church. Keller has spoken about it with reference to C.S. Lewis’s classic text “Mere-Christianity”, and suggested that his hope is that it may do in a small way what Lewis’s text did for the church in his day.

Needless to say its going to be a big seller, but with all the anticipation there hasn’t been much let out about what its going to look like. Well word on the street is that Keller’s new book is actually built out from his preaching series he did not too long ago entitled, “The Trouble with Christianity: Why it’s so hard to believe it.” So if you’re anxious to get a jump start on reading his forthcoming text listening to this sermon series may get ya down the road a good piece.