In a country where consumtion is identity we have all in some degree or another been programed to believe as consumers that the “new product” is the “better product”. That consumtion can only be hindered or slowed in its progress if we stop and take the time to appreciate the products that predated this year’s Elmo. Photographers have found the ability to be counterintuitive to this trend, to stop and slow down, to observe the old and tarnished surfaces of humanity and ask themselves where or what is ‘beauty’.

Just like this paint peal the old products of God’s revelation yeild you and I a beautiful expression of himself, of his plan, and of his people living the midst of his mysteries. Every once and awhile one our theologians and church leaders remind us like these photographers do with their paint peals or dumpster pics that the older revelation of God is really what breeds within us an appreciation of “the full splendor and glory of the New Testament and fully digest its fruit.” Bruce Waltke is one of those voices that capture the beauty of the old, so much so that fast paced consumers like ourselves find ourselves slowed to the speed of awe and transformation at his portrait. Here’s one of his pieces…

“Only those who have journeyed through the Old Testament can appreciate the full splendor and glory of the New Testament and fully digest its fruit. Those who have not cannot. The consequence of a general ignorance about the Old Testament among the people of God is a pervasive reduction of the full message of the New Testament to a basic gospel of atonement and individual ethics. I suspect many Christians feel spiritually undernourished because they live out their lives on the basis of about ten biblical texts. The spiritual life of the church would be greatly enriched by kindling a love of the Old Testament through a more thorough program of adult Christian education.”

(Photographic art by Gycingeniero)