“The Philippians were ‘in Christ Jesus at Philippi’ (Phil 1:1). Paul’s words graphically join together the two directions in which the Christian’s life is drawn. The ultimate truth about him is that he is ‘in Christ’. Christ in his home, and he belongs to him. He is living in the light of D-Day and the anticipation of V-Day. But he is also at Ephesus, or Corinth or Philippi where there are temptations, forces and general trends which are inimical to faithfulness to Jesus Christ. The calling of a Christian is to live a life that is consistent with his fellowship with Jesus in a world that is out of fellowship with Jesus…” Sinclair Ferguson, Know Your Christian Life

Few pastors are as winsome or as acute with their application of the gospel to the Christian’s life as Sinclair Ferguson. When he’s on he’s on, and its hard to beat his brevity or heart felt application of biblical truths to your life. I was reading a section of one of his classics tonight, trying to find inspiration for a sermon this Sunday and I was taken back by the above quote. What a very simple way to help all believer’s realize both their identity in the Son, and their position in the world.