Geoff Bradford and Steve Huber, pastors at liberti in Philadelphia, PA, shared to a group of church planters and pastors in the Northeast about the theological foundations and the practical implicationsliberti1 of the multi-site model.  Some key questions addressed: What does it mean for you and for your church to be ‘sent’ into the world God has placed you?  What is the church you serve built for?

Here’s the link for the audio from that time. I got to work with Steve Huber while up at Westminster on the Emerging Churches Forum conference (Liberti is a missional church, not an emerging church) and at CityNet hear more of Liberti’s story. Along with Steve and Geoff, Steve Lutz also helps pastor their multi-site setup. A buddy of mine (Art Boulet) is his pastoral intern. Liberti is a great church, with plenty of history and wisdom gained in the process. Way to go Geoff and Steve for connecting and preparing other church planters via Acts 29!