PUBLISHER’S DESCRIPTION: Deep Social Justice for Your Ministry gives youth workers the opportunity to go beyond simply trying to motivate kids to serve those in need and invites them to help their kids wrestle with why those people are in need in the first place. Specific topics that will be addressed include the out-of-the-box-Jesus, the power of repentance, biblically grounded motivations for service, the power of community, as well as how to respond to the poverty, racism, and unequal power relationships that abound nationally and internationally. All of these topics will be addressed in provocative ways that are grounded in an evangelical perspective on Scripture, ministry, and relationships.

I don’t know much about this book other than the publisher description and that Chap Clark is one of the editors which in my book is a good sign of its value. From the looks of the contributors its going to be a very challenging read that will not just motivate students to get off the pew and into the streets with the love and mercy of Jesus, but will also help them understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of people on the street.

Here is a link to the table of contents and a sample chapter.

And here’s the link to purchase it at Zondervan.