I was reading through again today one of the few feshrift’s I own, To Tell The Mystery dedicated to Bob Gundry, when I was struck by the contributors statement about the evangelists portrait of Jesus. He said;

When presenting Jesus’ ministry in Israel the evangelists and their predecessors paint their pictures with colors taken from ancient prophetical promises and expectations about a blessed future for Israel. It is only natural for them to derive their words and expressions from these sources… Birger Gerhardsson

Gerhardsson’s remarks made me wonder about what the gospels would look like if they were written today. Would our ‘evangelists’ paint their pictures with colors taken from the prophetical traditions of the Old Testament or would they be so culturally accommodated that the prophets imagery would barely scratch the surface. I imagine they would probably be visual as well as audible and written… Such questions are not truly that helpful but it made me wonder.

What color would the gospels be painted with if they were painted today? For that matter what color does the Jesus of evangelical Christianity bear – prophetical or consumeristic and individualistic? Perhaps these questions are of little help but they surfaced on my mind as I read Gerhardsson’s piece…

(Photographic art by Caution Wet Paint, piece titled Senyol vs. Lewis live canvas painting)