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Prime of place goes to the discussion starter piece at Catalyst blog on “The Coffeehouse Church.”

My buddy from Clearwater has graduated to UBER Greek status, and is an Acordance guru, congrats Rick!

The Resurgence National Conference videos on the theme “Text and Context” are now posted.

Joe Thorn on “My Suburbia Evangelism” is part deux of his thoughts on the topic of evangelism, the first part is here.

If you know of good resources on being missional in suburbia Steve McCoy’s compiling a research page on “Mission to Suburbia

Darrell Bock talks about his new book co-authored with Dan Wallace, “De-throning Jesus…”

The Keller Bro’s post a link to an early review of their dad’s (Tim Keller) book, Reasons for God. And have another link on Why conservatives should care about the city.

Bob Hyatt on “Newbigin on Missional involvement…

The NA Crew on “If you’re thinking about leaving a church.”

Alan Hirsch on “The full monty of discipleship.” I believe his use of “Hebraic epistemology” is a bit misleading, I can’t remeber where but I remember reading some well articulated arguements against a (singular) “Hebraic epistemology”…still an interesting piece to read.

Internet Monk on “Be a Sign.”

Michael Bird suggestions some hypothetical updatings to Wright and Niel’s History of NT Interpretation; “The 1987-2007 years.”

MinistryCOM asks “What kind of faith-based marketer are you?

Brad Brisco offers a summary of a few points from John Santic on “Living Incarnationally.” (Relatable question: does anyone know where a good place is to start reading Jurgen Moltmann?)

Craig Groeschel shares 40 lessons learned from a 40 year old pastor. HT: Provocative Church

Mark Dever on “The Five Points of Criticism.” Whats with these Calvinists and their fetish for 5’s and flowers 🙂