BIO From Artist webpage here: A former international fashion model for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Armani, Havassy, a graduate of U.C. Irvine with a BA in psychology, began his formal painting career in 1996 after receiving a beginner’s art kit as a 26th birthday present. Up until that point, Havassy’s artistic expressions had been more or less taking photographs around the world in his travels, and painting his surfboards, but did not really include any formal canvases. Entirely self -taught, his first “traditional” painting was a small surfing portrait of Duke Kahanamoku for photographer and friend Bruce Weber. Eight years and more than 1000 painting’s later, the success that followed Havassy’s first little watercolor has been manifold, garnering him both national and international acclaim. Highly regarded for his brilliant use of color as well as his eclectic mix of style, motion and inspirational subject matter.

Aside from being a world renown “surf artist,” Havassy is highly regarded for his sports portraits of the likes of Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Though, it is his refreshingly original depictions of women, landscapes, flowers, children and animals that have garnered him the most attention. “To have created a truly unique and recognizable style in an era where “knock-offs” are commonplace, is an achievement in and of itself. Robb has managed both in a very short time,” says San Francisco collector and art dealer Russel David.
David first became acquainted with Robb’s work at Havassy’s “Live Art” show at San Francisco’s famed Ruby Skye Theatre, early in 2001. These “Live Art” shows feature Havassy painting a large oil painting on stage with a DJ or band. For the Ruby Skye show, Havassy and world famous DJ Donald Glaude combined their creative energies to stun and entertain the 2500 in attendance with a unique ultra-sensory experience.


Many of Havassy’s pieces capture well the familiar settings and moments surfers love to have. Like the image above of surfers lined up for the incoming sets at dusk. You kind of have to have been there to know the magic of that moment. Havassy has captured it. Click the link above or here and check out his resonably priced prints and originals.