Click this lik to download the PPT “The Gospel in the Public Square” I shared with our adult Sunday school class. Keep in mind we touched upon some of the bigger points in discussing how the Gospel is to interact witht the public square, and did so in an hours time. I used the session to stirr up conversation and challenge our people to consider how thier Christian worldviews built upon the Gospel should missionally lead them into transforming and engaging the public square.


The first part of the PPT is dedicated to saying three things about the Gospel’s shape and substance; from there we talk about the truth about the public square; and finally close off discussing the engagement of the two. This is one of those topics that are really pressing for the church today, especially in light of the increasingly post-Christian context she is finding herself within. Its a good place to start thinking on the subject from a Christian worldview that is gospel-driven, below are a few resource suggestions that may take you further on down the road.

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