These guys may or may not be outside your price point but a few of their more broadly known clientel include Willow Creek Associates and North Point. You can visit their site by clicking here. If your church Christmas gift this year was to raise money for new media materials – virtual or physical – these guys appear to be a good group for “making those who do good look good,” as their subtext says.


You can visit their site by clicking here. Coptix recently redesigned the website for By Faith Magazine, and they have done several business website spaning about just every corner of the market.


Threads is a small group discussion materials company, lead by some very down to earth real people with a creative edge. Their materials are made with group leaders and group members in mind so if everyone would like to read through the series you don’t have to worry about your thunder being stolen each week 🙂 Their materials have a creative flare to them, they reminded me of the look and feel of Relevant Books. You can visit their site by clicking here.