T H I S W Bead Letter E E K I N B L O Chinatown style G S

Prime of place has to go to a new blogger, brand spank’n new!!! Peter Enns, professor of Old Testament Studies at Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia.

Stephen Murray has been overly gracious to me by including me in his list, wow, thanks, I’m humbled by the much more important names in his top ten Christian bloggers of 2007.

ChurchRelevance had some hum-dingers (what the heck is a hum-dinger???); “10 ways to gain people’s confidence while leading them,” “9 Principles for good church web design.” 

JR Woodward gives us “The Best of Around the Blogosphere.”

David Putnam puts up the connecting link and info for a church planting conference with himself, Batterson, and Pattrick speaking – Evolve.

Church Marketing Sucks has a guest blogger share a testimony on “When Churches Get it Right.”

VanityFair and “The Lazarus Effect.”

Steve Williams on “Unstereotypical.”

Shhhhhh, Joe Thorn has “Secret’s.”

If you have an exoberant amount of time on your hands this holiday why not make a “Spooma, yes a Spooma.” You figure it out 🙂

Justin Buzard points us to an older piece by Tim Keller on “Puritan Resources for Biblical Counseling.”

Ed Stetzer, Christopher Wright, and a little bit incarnational mission!

Darryl Dash shares on the “Christmas Theme of Weakness.”

Brad Brisco on “Jesus’ Central Theme.”

Jeff McMullen shares with us a Flickr map of the world made from non-American eyes.

The stories not over for Acts 29 churches in St. Louis, way to go Metro Baptist Churches.

Adrian Warnock has the guide all pastors who wish to get digitized dream about.

Speaking of buying, there goes the neighborhood, ie there goes the global neighborhood of NYC. Richard Florida has the goods on who’s buying up the city…

Tim Steven’s gets creative with a New Year’s series, “Desire for the New Year.”