From left to right: Jess (my wife) and I; Jenna, Jess’s sister; Lisa, Jess’s mother’s sister; Paul and Keri, Jess’s mom and dad; Heather and Evan, Jess’s brother and his wife. You can’t see it in the photo but I was wearing these ridiculous snow guards called Gators, of which I was grateful for. Our guides Russ and John took this photo, good guys and good guides, they even managed not to laugh too much at us when we fell in the snow. Jess and I fell more than anyone else, but then again we also lead most of the time 🙂


I got to lead the group up the mountain, for having gained a good bit of weight since getting married my cardiovascular was still strong…unfortunately so is my appetite 🙂 I resolute this year to lose….


The scenary on the trip was amazing. We didn’t snowshoe last year but after this experience I’m hoping we do it every year. It really made me envious of all the people in the mountains who get to exercise daily like this.


I got so hot that I hiked most of the way in my T-Shrit, but inside the tree line the temps really dropped a good bit. I carried my Tamrac camera bag for my Digital SLR with a extra lens’s and filters. I’m really feeling the work it did on my lower back. Guess I’ll have to hike more often with it 🙂