To reconcile is to end a relation of enmity, and to substitue for it one of peace and goodwill. It is not necessarily implied that the enmity existed on one side only, but it is plainly stated that in this case the initiative to reconciliation was God’s, who found in the death of his Son (Rom 3:25f) a way in which his love for the sinner and his wrath against sin could be accommodated, so that he might both be righteous himself, and justify the man – the sinful man – who relies on faith in Jesus.” C.K. Barrett, BNTC 2 Corinthians

God broke the silence betwee us and him not with a bang but a loud cry. He exchanged the glory of his un-incarnate self for the broken, weak, and needy fabric of our existence. He spoke the world into existence, he spoke out our names and called us to saving faith. You could say that everything hangs on his voice, even our very reconciliation with him.

Praise Him that he choose not to be silent, but spoke of love, peace, and truth. Spoke of the life, death, resurrection, and ascention of His Son. And continues to speak to others through us His life changing words of reconciliation.

Praise Him that he neither gave up his righteousness nor gave up his sinful image bearers but at great cost to Himself came and died in our place. In life, in action, and in speaking, the initiative belongs to God. And as silent as the world may seem at times may we never forget the loud cry he made on our behalf, and soft voice He used to share His glory with Moses.

Our God speaks…

(Photographic art by Lumase’s, piece entitled “Silence/d“)