Last year
3800 leaders from
962 churches
70 denominations
42 states
9 countries attended Orange.

They represented over 300,816 children and teenagers.

There are a lot of things they would probably never agree about,
but there is one thing that they all emphatically believe….

100 years from now
the only thing that will matter in someone’s life
is their relationship with God.

Those of us who host and participate at Orange are committed to systematically evaluating why and how we do ministry. We make an assumption when we create a conference for Christian leaders, that those who attend really are CHRISTIAN LEADERS. Therefore they want to have an honest discussion about how to reach and inspire the next generation to BE the church. They don’t mind if we engage in a healthy debate about the methods and practices of the church. As long as we are all driven by an UNCOMPROMISING MISSION to influence children, teenagers, and families to grow in their passion for Christ, then we should fight hard for the best ways to do just that. If that discussion is filtered only through conventional models or led by self-promoting entities then it doesn’t create the kind of authentic experience that challenges us to RETHINK what we do and implement the necessary changes.

There is just too much at stake
to sugar-coat,
or tip-toe
around the issues.

That’s why we invite a special breed of leaders to speak at Orange.
That’s why we value unfiltered debate.
That’s why we ask hard questions.

At Orange 2008 we are working hard to create a SAFE place for smart and proven leaders to “SAY WHAT THEY THINK”

…and to influence each other to influence a generation.

We hope you will join us this year for an
                    and UNCENSORED experience

Here’s the link to their webpage.

And here’s the link to their promo video.