The community which God is forming is forged by the Gospel. The gospel gives us our distinct identity and values. We are to uniquely embody the story of what God has done in Jesus Christ in our life together. Therefore, by the quality of our life together, the church both proclaims the message of the gospel and is the goal of the gospel. Understood in this way, we can say that the church is the good news.” Fellowship Group Handbook, Redeemer Presbyterian Church

I’ve toyed with the idea of possibly blogging through Redeemer’s Fellowship Group Handbook. Both for my own growth and maturing, but also because its such a rich resource and I believe by blogging through it many of its contents could become more easily available to a wider audience who finds this blogsite. Though of course the blog series could never replace actually reading through it. Perhaps I will…?

The above quote is just one reason why I say the handbook is rich, by keeping the gospel of Jesus Christ central to their discussion of community the author(s) of this handbook help you and I see that community is part and parcel of God’s work in His Son. That we as His bride are to embody the story of what God has done in His Son, the gospel message to our neighbor through the nature of our comunity, and that such a witness is exactly the kind of apologetic our world needs. Far from community groups being one more choice on your local churches ministry menu, they are in fact the epicenter of the transforming imprint the gospel can make on peoples relationships.

Get the handbook, enjoy the feast that awaits you cover to cover…

(Photographic art by Kazze, piece entitled “Community“)