Above is Dave explaining why he wrote the book, you can purchase it for only 9$ at WTSBooks.com.Below are the links to each of his video’s as he talks about each chapter. I’m very excited about the potential impact and fruit this pastors ministries have had and will have in the future. You don’t want to miss reading this book as a couple if you’re married. The first wedding I got to assist in, though not lead since I’m not ordained yet, was my brother-in-law’s wedding and I gave Dave’s book to them as my first choice read for newly wed’s. But regardless of whether you’ve been married just a few months or a few years this book is a blessing to read.

Chapter 1 What Really Matters in Marriage Video

Chapter’s 2-4 Video

Chapter 4 Taking it Out for a Spin Video

Chapter 6 Forgiveness, Full and Free Video

Chapter 7 The Spouse in Sin Video

Chapter 8 Stubborn Grace Video

Chapter 9 Concerning Sex Video

Chapter 10 When Sinners Say Goodbye Video