Holy Cow Creative is a company dedicated to Church Marketing but before you raise your organic only flag or say we don’t do that around here – which really translates to we don’t do it well, or we do it unknowingly – you may want to check this company out. They’re not just out to give you a clean dexterior look, they’re interested in the message and its relevancy too.

Michael Buckingham, the founder and creator of this company just recently stopped in for a comment which is how I was lead to his companies website and I must say I was impressed. Not only am I adding him to my reads, I’m putting his contact info away for a time when I think I can use it well. His blog has a lot of thoughtful posts and the marketing portfolio is an eye-opener for pastors or church leaders looking for this kind of resource.

Here’s Michael’s explaination of what Holy Cow Creative is all about;

Holy Cow Creative is a strategic church marketing and design studio. What that means is that we do more than just make your next brochure look pretty. Whether in print, online or on a screen we bring originality, relevance and impact in the way you communicate.

Our vision is to link arms with you in ministry. We compel people to come into your ministry and we help in how you tell the message. At the heart of who we are is ministry. We want to help the church grow and connect to the people who walk through your doors.