Above is our community group, notice who got his head in the shot – Kona, our Chesapeke Bay Retriever. We’ve just finished our second group meeting together, I joked with the group last night that we’re still in our dating phase where everyone’s excited to hold hands but sooner or latter as we begin to see each other’s peculiarities we’ll enter the next stage of life when we start loving each other for who we are rather than what we bring to the table. The first time we met we shared our couples stories with each other, this time we shared our church stories. One of the things that always comes out in those moments is diversity, we had a good time chiding each other, but it also lead into a time of talking about how Community Groups at East Lanier relate to her purpose as a church.

Its an exciting time, and an intentional time in our life as a community group. We went through our churches identity, vision, and purpose statements last night discussing how they related to why we do community groups. We also talked about the structure of community groups, and the different opportunities we have to serve and lead in our group. I shared with them what the life process of our community may look like and emphasized the importance of seeing our own experience of community and intimacy as not an end in itself but something to compel us onward, to birth a new group from out our group someday. We closed our time out with prayer and hung out for another hour after. It was a great time.

I am going to start including prayer requests for our group in my monthly impact page. Now you have faces to go with the requests. We’ll get bigger and add more members before too long but here’s the first picture of our group.

If you’ve never been in a community group yourself let me encourage you, whether you’re in a church of 150 or in a church of 20,000 you’ll never recieve the care, intimacy, or community without being in a group. They become like a second family to you, a relational-third-place.

Take the risk and jump you won’t need to pull the cord for a long, long time đŸ™‚