Prose, pretense, and posturing are primary dangers that threaten prayer. Ignorance is no impediment, and most emphatically not sin. The great temptation always crouching at the door of prayer is to use prayer as a way to avoid God; using God language to avoid God relationship; using the name of God as a screen behind which to hide from God. Cliches are the usual verbal gateways of prayer that is, in fact, nonprayer.” Eugene Peterson, Christ Plays in Ten Thoughsand Places

Peterson’s thoughts made me wonder how many times I try and hide from God in the midst of talking with Him. The Christian life and discourse should never take us to the place of ‘normalcy’ where we feel lightly about speaking with the Creator and Lord of heaven and earth. Rather it should move us more and more into a place where we realize the majesty and beauty of the one we speak with, and tremble at the loving presence of the one in whom we speak.

Unlike the world where eloquence, and knowledge lifts up the speaker; in prayer it is a broken and contrite heart that depicts the difference between genuine and dis-genuine prayer.

(Photographic art by Senzapareti, piece entitled “Snow waves“)