The CJ Mahaney blog is hosted over at Sovereign Grace’s website. CJ was the senior pastor of Covenant Life Center where Joshua Harris & Dave Harvey now pastor. He is/was? the president of Sovereign Grace Ministries. He has been a solid pastoral voice in the church for many, many years and is one of the more humble Christian leaders I’ve had the pleasure of both seeing and listening to either at Covenant Life Center when my wife and I visit my family up there, or at the New Atitude conferences.

If you love the Puritans shepherding style and wisdom then I imagine you’re going to love reading C.J. Mahaney’s blog posts. Add him to your reader you won’t be sorry. BTW I got to bump into CJ a few times in the Westminster bookstore as a student and instead of throwing some wisecrack jokes at him like I did with Sinclair Ferguson (who had cleaver jokes to through back my way) I justed enjoyed knowing that me and CJ have the same “dealer.”

Seriously, you’ll enjoy reading his posts, check him out.