“The critics and enemies of the church are no more objective and fair than any other critics and enemies. But what is troubling is a recurring motif in their accusations: Only rarely and with a special spite is “Christianity” indicted for being too Christlike; fare more commonly it is convicted of being not Christ-ian enough.

Clearly here is a direct link between the profession of faith, the practice of faith, and the plausibility of faith. Practice what you preach and you commend your faith; don’t and you contradict it…” Os Guiness, The Call

Of the many things I appreciated about Guiness’s thoughts here, one that stood out was his balanced viewpoint between the nature of the critics and the recurring motif of their criticism. he didn’t justify the critique, but neither did he justify the churches lack of Christlikeness.

I have a simple prayer to make; God transform us by your grace to be so much like Christ that the most prominent objection the world has against us is Him and not His absence in us… 

(Photographic art by K_iz, piece entitled “…to be the first to point the finger…”)