…I despise suffering and its nasty side-effects that I take a kind of twisted pride in how well my community, my church, and my nation deal with suffering. We seem to be so civil about it. A slight tear brings out the Kleenex, and suffering is wiped clean. (Suffering can be wiped clean, incidentally, in scented Kleenex or Kleenex with aloe.) We’re domesticated sufferers. Our churches acknowledge suffering only as something true faith can mitigate; we deny its reality, and in doing so evade the possibility that we might have to dive into uncivilized grief – grief with tears that cannot be quenched.

…the grave danger is this: in denying the opportunity for an embrace of lament, we miss a Christ-formed life of pain-sharing, compassion, incarnation, and Gospel-healing. We miss the opportunity, in other words, to become more like Jesus.” Chuck DeGroat, From Kleenex Theology to Messy Spirituality