“Since we are inextricably bound up with corporate sin through our participation in nations and instutions, there is no way that we can avoid implication in the guilt of the fallen world, and therefore biblical saints confess the sins of their community alonw with those they have personally committed. But we are required to separate ourselves as much as possible from the unholy force field of this planet’s corporate flesh; to break our conformity to its characteristic ideologies, methods and motives; and to speak and act prophetically against its injustice and restraint of full human liberation.” Richard Lovelace, Dynamics of Spiritual Life

I was reading through Lovelace’s section “preconditions of continual renewal” today and I was taken back by this comment he made about the world. I’m so individualistic in the way I view culture and my surroundings, in the distance between it and myself. I must confess I don’t find myself praying for the immediate world around me.

I treat my prayer life as though it were another extension of apartment living, you know what I mean? You go inside and close the door and if the door is closed it means you’re in your own little world and nothing else is really that influential or connected to you. Sure the walls are there and you hear sounds but if you don’t like them you can always turn up the radio or tv or go out to another isolated human island.

Things like disdain, and disapproval or disgust are so easy to emulate at a distance. You truly forget that as Lovelace so pointedly put it, “you’re inextricably bound up” with it all.

God change my prayer life, make more corporate in its focus and admissions, remind me of the world that isn’t stacked beneath or below or beside me, but rather the world that is inextricabley apart of me. Turn me to prayer for them, forgive my petetions based on ‘my kingdom coming, my will being done’ rather than your own…

(Photographic artist WorldSpector, piece entitled “Individualistic“)