“The culture” appears to be an aggressive challenger to “the church,” and Christians keep worrying what to do about it. You soon get the impression that Church Inc. and Culture Amalgamated are like two corporations confronting each other at a negotiating table. Over there sits Culture – huge, complex, and self-absorbed. It’s powerful, dangerous, unpredictable, and turbulent. Church is smaller, anxious; it studies Culture, trying to figure out a way to weasel in.” Frederica Matthews-Green, Loving the Storm-Drenched

MG goes on to define culture as less like an organization and more like the weather, less like something that is concrete out there that can be avoided and more like something that forms the very atmosphere of our lives.

I was thinking about this today, thinking about why so many Christians fear culture, why so many para-church organizations depend on that fear for their lively hood. And how when we’re confronted with these misguided fears we often try and build castle walls between us and culture in order to escape its influence and pull all the while breathing it in and exhaling it constantly, truly embodying it and yet at the same time through the Spirit’s work embodying a counter-cultural atmospheric influence…

Every believer is at one and the same time an embodiment of culture, and is called and empowered to be a witness of the Kingdom cultivated culture that is here in an already/not yet fashion….God help me live in between in an incarnational fashion with all the power, humility, and hope that comes with being a new creation in your Son!