“It is clear to you that no relationship ever delivers what you dreamt it could be. Your fantasy collides with reality, and reality bites!

Some of our deepest and most painful hurts have been in relationships. There are times when we wish we could live alone and other times when we are glad we don’t.

Every painful thing we experience in relationships is meant to remind us of our need for him. And every good thing we experience is meant to be a metaphor of what we can only find in him.” Tim Lane, Paul Tripp; Relationships: A mess worth making

We’re beginning to start a 14 week series with our youth on the Gospel and Relationships, its frame and much of its substance comes from Lane & Tripp’s book (two of my professors from my seminary days). I’m looking forward to it not only because I think its going to change their lives, but because its going to change my life as well.

Relationships can feel like a U2 song, “BUT I still haven’t found what I’m looking for,” and they can feel like that scene from Reality Bites where they’re all just sitting on the couch, enjoying oneanother without a care in the world. Relationships are complex, yet as Lane & Tripp indicated above they’re complexe/difficult because they’re meant to remind us of the relationship we all desire in our inner-most being, to be with Him!

God keep me in those relationships that break me up, that take me to the heights and bring me to the low valleys, and in all of them remind me that beneath, behind, and before all my relationships stands your Triune love affair…may I be caught up in the glory of it daily!