The catholicity and humility that Lewis displays as he discusses the intent and purpose of his work as well as the criticisms of it in his own day embodied a humility that is nearly absent from the leading conservative or liberal theologians, pastors, and apologists in our church today. Where has the tone and character of Lewis’s theological engagement and creativity gone?

As I listened to Jeffrey read Lewis I realized just why there is only one C.S. Lewis, and why men like Tim Keller & Tom Wright have both aspired with their own recent books to carry on the message and flavor of the man into this century. Whether either of them have done that in toto is something I leave to your own conclusions…I’m just blessed to have read Mere-Christianity, The Reason for God, and (reading now) Simply Christian.

The above videos are the first 2 of what I can tell are a 20 part-series of free audio posted by the C.S. Lewis society on youtube. I’m listening to the whole series f0r my own spiritual nurishment because it has been far, far too long that I have been away from Lewis’s beautiful heart and mind. I encourage you to visit youtube and search for “C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity”. It will pull up the series for you to enjoy and to be ministered by.