Here is the link to their group blogsite. Molly, one of the four authors of this blogsite, and a friend from Westminster Theological seminary (Go Machenites!!!!) informed me of the creation of this blog. I first went through the materials of Peace Makers in my last year in college, in the midst of a conflict resolution I was involved with. Ken Sande’s book did wonders for me and for those I was ministering both to and with. And now I’m so glad to be able to share this good news, please by all means don’t just visit their site, link them in your regular reads and feeds. I am!

Listen in as Ken Sande shares about Peacemaker’s new blog, Route 5:9;

This new blog is designed to help Christians learn how to walk the path of conflict faithfully and safely. “My steps have held to your paths; my feet have not slipped” (Ps. 17:5). As we share our experiences and the insights God gives us into his Word, we can learn together how to live out the gospel of peace more fully and experience reconciliation and renewal in our daily lives.

Although I’ll provide reflections from time to time, the primary voices representing Peacemaker Ministries on this blog will be Fred Barthel, Jerry Wall, Molly Routson and Jeromy Emerling. I commend to you these four godly and insightful people, who will bring daily observations from the world of reconciliation. I am confident that you’ll gain as much from their wisdom as I will.

The journey of peacemaking leads ultimately to reconciliation with God and with others. Our prayer for you, and for this new endeavor, is that God will be glorified in all our lives as we pursue a passionate call for biblical reconciliation in the lives of God’s people.

(FYI Molly was one of the more gifted students I knew at WTS. She was probably in the top echelon of the brightest students in her class (Molly’s notes from classes were added to the famous Korean files – all you WTS alumni out there know what I’m talking about!), and known for her character as well on campus. Molly has been serving with Peacemaker Ministries since she graduated. I look forward to her, and the other authors posts.)