I thought it would be fitting and beneficial after reviewing Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God” to go through NT Wright’s “Simply Christian.” After all both men look to C.S. Lewis’s classic “Mere-Christianity” and seek to write a new classic for their own age. Keller writes as a global city pastor/cultural critic/church planter who’s buzzword of choice is ‘clues’; and Wright writes as a NT scholar/Bishop/cultural critic who’s buzzword of choice is ‘echoes’.

If you’ve never heard of NT Wright then hold onto your google search engine pants because as soon as you key his name in the links roll out endlessly. Some readers are ‘Wright-ians” and some readers are ‘Wrong-ians’, and then you find people like myself in the middle who treat Wright’s labors like the rest of NT scholarship, with joy & criticism & thoughtful meditation.  Wright more than most biblical scholars today gives me much to think upon, both hermeneutically and practically speaking.

Here’s a few links to help you and I appreciate the impact this book has had and some of the general thrusts of this work before we jump into the review series of it here. 

Resources on this book:

Ben Meyer’s blog review of the book here.

Mark Roberts blog review of the book here.

NT Wright’s “Simply Christian” talk at City Church San Fransico.

Christianity Today’s review of “Simply Christian”.

Christianity Today’s interview with Tom Wright on “Simply Christian” and other matters.

Simply the whole ‘kit’ and kabodle for those who enjoy the book and want to really spread its influence around. A friend let me borrow his ‘kit’ so I could watch the videos of Wright in person and get a better sense of his emphasis’s in each chapter.

NT Wright on the Kindlings Podcast dedicated to “Simply Christian”.