I came across this free pdf piece by Richard Bauckham today, its on “Paul’s Christology of Divine Identity.” I was searching Bauckham’s name because Michael Bird just posted an announcement regarding Bauckham’s new book on New Testament Christology “Jesus and the God of Israel.”

Richard Bauckham has published widely in theology, historical theology and New Testament. He is currently working on New Testament Christology and the Gospel of John which his monograph from has now emerged in print, “Testimony of the Beloved Disciple“. He has his M.A. Ph.D. from Cambridge and is Professor of New Testament Studies at St. Andrews.

Here is a quote from the article linked above;

Richardson’s observation of and observations about this pattern are illuminating and important. He does not, however, quite see its full significance, which is that Paul is not just including language about Christ between his language about God, but including Christ in the identity of God. The literary inclusio reflects Paul’s theological inclusion of Jesus Christ in the unique identity of the one God of Jewish monotheism. This is the theological basis for what Richardson calls the ‘interplay between Paul’s language about God and his language about Christ,’ which means not only that Paul ‘uses God-language in order to interpret and “define” Christ,’ but also ‘that language about Christ in turn redefines the identity of God.’ In our terms, if Jesus Christ is included in the identity of God, that inclusion must itself affect the way the identity of God is understood.