I found a great article by Andy Crouch for free over at Catalyst blog today, its been posted for awhile and I’d say its a solid read. Often times we can talk about culture as though it was merely an ephemeral atmosphere we live in rather than a concrete reality we continually make, Crouch’s piece is a good corrective here.

Here’s a quote from Crouch’s piece;

Culture is not just beliefs, values, ideas, or images. It’s actual, concrete stuff-material, corporeal, physical. It is the very tangible product of human activity. In the words of commentator Ken Myers, culture is “what we make of the world.” That wonderful phrase suggests that while culture is indeed an expression of our beliefs and values, the way we express those values is to make particular things.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on his article…Here’ one more quote for the road, gotta love the guys community vibe;

For the Church to become a source of cultural creativity, we’re going to need to become more aware of the people already in our midst who are exploring those horizons. We need to make it safe for one another to fail at being culturally creative-because most of the time, we will indeed fail. But we also need to keep asking one another: Are the horizons misplaced? Are some things possible in our culture-shaped world that God never meant to be possible? Are some things impossible that God never meant to be impossible? If those horizons need to move, that will only happen when we quite literally encourage one another, take heart together, and dare to make something new in the midst of the world.

(Photographic art by magnus_photo, piece entitled “Horisontur“)