Explorations in a Christain Theology of Pilgrimage ed. by Craig Bartholomew & Fred Hughes

Back Cover Descipt: Many Christians go on pilgrimage, whether to Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago, or some other destination, but few think hard about it from the perspective of their faith. This book fills that gap, looking at the biblical and theological elements in pilgrimage and asking how we could do pilgrimage differently.
Exploring the current resurgence of pilgrimage from a Christian viewpoint, this book seeks to articulate a theology of pilgrimage for today. Examination of pilgrimage in the Old and New Testaments provides a grounding for thinking through pilgrimage theologically. Literary, missiological and sociological perspectives are explored, and the book concludes by examining how such a theology could change our practice of pilgrimage today, raising such questions as how tourism to the Holy Land should reflect the situation in the region today. Pilgrims, students and all interested in contemporary pilgrimage will find this accessible book a valuable articulation of the different elements in a Christian theology of pilgrimage.

Here’s a quote that has been rolling around in my mind sense I read it;

“For all the reasons just outlined, Israel’s pilgrimage presents problems to Christian theology…The Church needed no sacred land, people or language: ‘its great locative was “in Christ” .’ “

This quote was taken from Gordon McConville’s article “Pilgrimage and ‘Place’: An Old Testament View.” That’s what good writing does, it raises questions by answering questions we already know but answering them in an incomplete way as to invite us into the drame of finding the answers for ourselves. Would that more writing was like this…