NT Wright’s Veritas lecture summarized several of the points he made on the resurrection in “Surprised by Hope” as well as a few of his other pieces. It was funny to look around the room and see some of the live bloggers banging away at their Macs to get it all in. The feeling I got from the lecture was that he engaged in a colorful and relevant fashion with his audience, and given the amount of people who showed up (I barely made it in the forum hall, and the two overflows, well they overflowed) I think it was a very action packed night. Happily I was about ten or so feet from him during his lecture. To be quiet honest I walked in the room after security had already made it plan no one else was allowed inside because of fire hazards…hey I am a sinner, I’m real about it 🙂

The Q&A that followed was filled with a lot of very pointed questions, which I think was a mark of favor to the quality and clarity of Wright’s labors. When I finally got to meet him, he hit me with a surprising question about my T-Shirt of all things. Wright happily signed a huge line of people’s books and did a photo opt with no complaint. I was supposed to jump into a private pub outing with him and a few local pastors after but it didn’t develop because someone said he was with his wife this trip or something. Anyway I think he did a great job on the resurrection and it was a pleasure to see him handle some inter-Anglican issues in his closing question from another member of the Anglican communion. His reference to a 2 Corinthians moment really demonstrated to me just how genuine and self-applying he is with the findings of his biblical-theology even in his own life and crises. His closing word in that answer, “resurrection,” classic.

I believe Veritas of Emory is going to have the whole video feed up, here’s the site to check it out.