I serve as an assistant pastor (though the title isn’t a reality until I finish ordination) of a small Perimeter church plant in the Northeast area of Georgia outside of Atlanta. I’m over Community Groups, Mercy & Justice, and Youth Ministries. If you click on the image above you’ll be able to download a powerpoint presentation that I shared a year ago with the parents of our youth. I created the model I use, I call it a “Missional-Eclectic Approach” to youth ministry.

Basically its an eclectic approach because it seeks to unify the existing models that youth pastors use within the world of youth ministry with some personal burdens that have formed in my own heart for youth after serving in this area for ten years (as a leader, intern, and pastor), as well as the particular concerns that parents often have for their youth. My own conversion to Christ happened as a youth and a big part of that story was the way the whole youth group reached out to me. They had a vision that as a community they were on a mission. A vision I hope our youth ministry has as well. That’s the missional component.

If you click the image below you’ll be able to download a powerpoint presentation I created in lue of an annual review I have tommorrow with the senior pastor where I serve. I list several of the ministry concepts I used to address each part of my philosophy. If you’re a youth pastor or a volunteer leader in youth ministry and have some insight or feedback on this model I’d love to hear it. Please comment below…

UPDATE: One of the readers of this blog, Rick, passed to me in the comments a great link for helping youth transition. I encourage you to go and check it out.