Last night I began reading the reader Paul Weston has creatd on Leslie Newbigin, he starts out with a brief biography. One of the many things that stood out to me about Newbigin’s life was the role his wife played in their overseas mission calling to India. Here’s the brief capture of that moment by Weston; “It was together that they decided that God was calling them to missionary service in India, where Helen’s parents had been missionaries.” (pg. 4)

Newbigin was perhaps the most influential missionary theologian of the 20th century and his journey as a missinoary began by he and Helen being called to serve where her parents served. Imagine if Newbigin hadn’t met Helen, if Helen’s own passion for India hadn’t been burning within her.

Every married man knows what a beautiful and deep influence his wife’s passions are on him. I thank God for Jess and the role her heart for the lost and the dechurched play in my life. Already I’ve seen just how significant her giftings and passions are in helping confirm and lead us out as a family into the everyday mission. Like Charles Spurgeon has said so long ago a man’s wife is not the Holy Spirit but the voice sound awefully similar πŸ™‚ Praise God for wonderful wives who moves us out into God’s everyday mission!