Thanks for a great first season of blogging. What has made the experience for me as a blogger has been the many people who’ve interacted and left comments or links to help me further reflect on the manifold topics of discussion.

I’ve come a long way from my first Blogger account to a Typepad to this WordPress theme. I’ve even kicked around the idea of purchasing a website for myself, but haven’t really thought that was necessary at this piont. Benchmarks are typically when bloggers pontificate their wisdom to the massess on how to achieve their stats or their readership level. Since I don’t think 100 is that significant a benchmark and I have allegeries toward pontificating I’ll leave that business to others.

I’m not sure what the future holds for SetsNService or where the Lord will take Jess and I in our missional journey’s and family stories but I’m sure that those pathways will be shared here and that this blogsite will continue to be a place for inspiations on ‘mere-christianity’, the ‘everyday mission’, and the ‘gospel transforming culture’.

If I may make one suggestion for all those who visit in the next 100,000 visits that you take advantage of following the links to the bloggers who take the time to comment and enjoy their musings on their sites as well. The blogosphere is a wonderful place to experience the breadth and beauty of God’s image bearers…