I found these two quotes over at Michael Bird’s blogsite. Below are two quotes that begin to capture Dockery’s approach and hope for catholicity in the Baptist community. The first focusing on what he calls a ‘dynamic orthodoxy’ and the second on the need for mission cooperation;

“A model of dynamic orthodoxy must be reclaimed. The orthodox tradition must be recovered in conversation with Nicea, Chalcedon, Augustine, Bernard, Luther, Calvin, Wesley, the Pietists, and the revivalists. In sum, our Southern Baptist Identity must be rotted in the consensus fidei of the Christian Church”.

“We need a new spirit of mutual respect and humility to serve together with those with whom we have differences of conviction and opinion. It is possible to hold hands with brothers and sisters who disagree on secondary and tertiary matters of theology and work toward a common good to extend the work of Southern Baptists around teh word and advance the Kingdom of God. We need a like-mindedness on first order issues – particularly on the exclusivity and uniqueness of the Gospel that is found only in Jesus Christ and in Him alone.”

Both of these quotes are taken from David Dockery and Timothy George’s book “Building Bridges.”

(Photographic art by Diego 3336, piece entitled “Brooklyn Bridge virtual tour“)