The Crucible is a free online journal put out by the Australian Evangelical Alliance. Here’s a tidbit about the journal’s name and its purpose;

The Name Crucible has been chosen because the journal aims to fuse biblical and theological truths with the life, ministry and mission of the church in the world. It also has an echo of the Latin crux (it is possible the words are related) and thus is a reminder of the cross which is so central to any Christian thinking.

Crucible’s aim is to enhance creative thinking about the relationship of biblical and theological truths to the life, ministry and mission of the church. It is a forum for practicioners and scholars to publish material, interact and resource the Christian community.

The Crucible has three types of material;

  • The Cauldron: formal, academic, ‘blind’ peer reviewed scholarly articles.
  • The Test-Tube: ministry resources related to the life, ministry and mission of the church.
  • The Filter: book reviews.

I encourage you to go and explore this new resource, perhaps even contribute to it. Their inaugural journal has been released already.

(HT: Michael Bird)