So many people have written on the nature of living in an informational society. Changes like globalism, glocalism, and more face our kids today. After watching this video I gave myself some time to consider what the world would be like that my daughter will grow up within. What challenges in education and employment will face her. How she will meet the man God has set aside from her and where she will meet him first.

What will it mean for me to be a ‘responsible parent,’ parenting a child for the 21st century world. What relevant expressions of Christ in her life will look like. What love and truth will mean for her. And how my wife and I will pursue her growth and development faithfully, not in terms of the world we grew up within but rather the world she is growing up within.

It is so comforting to know that in the midst of an ‘ever changing’ world we serve an ‘all powerful God’ who know all things and is able to guide us into the future on stable ground. That He will be with her as she looks at sunrises, as she type’s her first virtual word, as she leaves our home someday…walking into the 21st century and perhaps beyond.

(HT: Vanguard Church)