Statements about and Definitions of Incarnational Mission:

…Christ was not simply a loanword adopted into the vocabulary of humanity; he was fully [incarnated], taken into the functional system of the language, into the fullest reaches of personality, experience, and social relationship…in Christ’s great act of [Incarnation] Christ added nothing to humanity as made in God’s image… (Andrew Walls, The Missionary Movement in Christian History)

The most difficult step for many missionaries and urban church planters in the United States to take is to rearrange our lives. Jesus rearranged His life for us, and it is imperative that we rearrange our lives for the people he died for. (Harvie Conn & Manuel Ortiz, Urban Ministry, 335)

By incarnational mission, I mean the understanding and practice of Christian witness that is rooted in and shaped by the life, ministry, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus. (Darrell Guder, The Incarnation and the Churches Witness, xii)

(Photographic art by Suburban Poetica aka John A. Herrin, piece entitled “Christ Mural“)