If any of you are parents then you know how exciting and how draining preparing for your first little one to come is. After what seemed like wedding planning X2 we finally decided on a crib we liked and also decided we didn’t have the money to get said crib. While visiting family in Clearwater Beach over memorial day we got a surprise gift toward the purchase of a crib for our soon coming little girl. We’re due in mid-September.

Its funny how your interest in different types of technology changes in each season of life. I’m mezmerized by the piano hinge and drop gate where as before I wouldn’t have even paid the slightest attention to it. Now we just have to figure out bedding choices, a folding table, and what kind of mattress to get for  her. Here’s the really funny thing she is sleeping in a much nicer bed than Jess and I. I guess parenthood has kicked in.  

Here’s a little video on the drop gate and piano hinge features, our model bed is the ocean not the one in this video but at least the video demonstrates the technology we’ve chosen;

Oh and since we didn’t have the extra cash flow or time to move our baby is sleeping in the study with surfboards hanging over top of her crib. I guess that means we’ll be going for a Hawain themed bedding for her. Either she’s going to be a great surfer or a great biblical scholar, or perhaps she’ll be able to be both unlike her daddy who’s struggling to do either of them well.

The really funny thing is that I doubt either the drop gate or the piano hinge will mean she sleeps any better during the night. Now if they designed a crib that could deliever that promise they’d have parents lined up around the block 🙂