This was the second GA I’ve been to and it was pretty packed due to the women deacons issue which unfortunately didn’t go well in my opinion. There was a minority report that didn’t get voted through that would have allowed a lot of well respected pastor-scholars on either side of the issue to articulate their position. Even in the midst of a good many pleas and a very close floor vote no dice.

I had the opportunity to stay with a good friend from seminary who’s at Redeemer Pres in NYC, Mark Robinson. Watch out for him, my guess is that when his sermons or articles or books start coming out they’ll be big hits. He’s a very intuitive kind of guy.

This trip was filled with new friends and old friends and a lot of late nights at the Gingerman Pub. Who knew Dallas had Belgium style beer. Among the many new friends I got to meet was the JollyBlogger himself along with his wife and daughter who I noticed ditched him more than once to check out the local scenes 🙂 Just kidding David went with them.

David introduced me to Glenn Lucke from Common Grounds which was definitely fun and engaging as we battled sarcasm out with a waitress at a local steak restaurant.

I also got to see all the ‘rock stars’ of the PCA from Tim Keller to Paul Tripp to many more as well as yours truly Tony Stiff – ok maybe I don’t belong in there. No, but seriously it was a good time with lots of laughter and late nights. I was also really encouraged by several of the Redeemer metro planters and new fellows. They’ve got a great network of passionate urban missionaries a brew up there. As well as a number of church planters from out west who jumped in the mix.

I missed out on an Acts 29 convo lead but Geoff Bradford from Liberti. And was brought to tears by Steven Badorf from RUF’s story about the lost of his daughterand the love and pastoral deepth of the Biblical Studies guys at WTS in his life through it all.

I’ll definitely miss the city scape view from my window minus the cheesy add. Looks like I’m going to be hurting tomorrow with only two hours of sleep before getting on a plane and heading back home to finish a sermon manuscript and gear up for Six Flags with the youth.