The word tension can be very misleading, particularly if it is thought to reflect an element of irrationality. There is certainly no question here of finding antinomies in God’s revelation, but merely of recognizing that in our finitness and sin we are often unable to assimilate that revelation and thus feel as though we are being pulled in different directions.” Moises Silva, WEC Philippians, pg. 138 fnt. 72

I came across this obscure footnote in Silva’s commentary on Philippians that has recently been republished by Baker in their new series BECNT. I appreciated how he related our finiteness and sin to our struggle with tension in the text. I do think he has left things half said in his description though, I don’t think we have to have resolve in every exegetical question. Indeed I think the presence of tension deepens our experience of mystery and intrigue as we study scripture. It causes me personally to seek the Lord and listen closely and joyfully to the way the church universal has wrestled with and applied those areas that continue to retain tension…

What are your thoughts on his description of tension?

(Photographic art by francesDre’s, piece entitled “Tension II”)