Our Mercy Ministry Team at East Lanier had our first day of mercy called “A Day of Extreme Blessing”. I had the opportunity to lead the team in developing three separate site opportunities for our church members to go out and serve in. About a third of the entire church came out in all ages and seasons of life. It was a beautiful thing to behold. One team went to Eagle Ranch Ministries to paint their fences. Eagle Ranch is a local ministry devoted to helping struggling kids through teaching them among many things responsability by having them care for horses.

Another two teams went to different types of ministries created to serve the homeless, one was in the city above us – Gainesville with the a ministry called Good News at Noon; and another was in the township above us. They helped serve meals, share conversations, and sort pantries among many other things.

The team I lead as is evident in the pic above cleared and cleaned a part of Lake Lanier. We use our local lake for our youth ministry and an annual outreach we help host to international PhD students at Georgia Tech. This is our humble and small way of giving back to parks and recreation outlet that gives so very much to us. It was a great day. I was a little fearful that the momentum would be slowed because we had another large group of missionally minded people at East Lanier serving in a large VBS we lead in a local neighborhood much of the first part of this week but apparently that didn’t slow things up at all. It was great to have a few people from our community group come out to the Lake Lanier project to serve as a community as well. Part of the dream of our community group ministries and outward focused concerns as a church really got realized this week.

If you’re a pastor and you have a heart to do or host something like our “Day of Extreme Blessing” I’d love to talk with you and share what we’ve learned through this.