We’ll be celebrating with the fireworks show at Chateau Elan tonight but early this morning I joined my wife’s sister and her boyfriend in jogging the PeachTree 10k. They had been training and planning to run it. I on the other hand was recruited last minute and my legs are proof of it! I jogged the whole thing without stopping but it cost me.

It was so much fun though, there was somewhere in the neighborhood of 55,000 joggers doing the race this morning so you were always surrounded by people. And with all the hills it turned out to be a pretty challenging coarse. The neatest part was that we got to jog through Buckhead and Midtown on the PeachTree street. My wife’s sisters’ boyfriend beat us all by a few minutes, and my wife’s sister beat me by a minute. They’re training for a full marathon in Minneapolis. We ran the first 3 miles together but after that he took off and I lost him on a hill, while I left my wife’s sister behind thinking I was going to beat her only to have her pass me on the last half mile of the run. It was a great time.

Jess and I plan to run the race together next year. This time WITH TRAINING!