Jess’s grandparents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and the entire family is invited for an expenses included getaway. When we first planned our honeymoon I wanted to go to Costa Rica but Jess said we’d probably go there with family someday. I didn’t believe her then but man am I ever glad she was right and I was wrong. Above is one of the of the pools at the resort we’re staying at.

Here’s a sunset view overlooking a few of the pools at this resort. Its near by Playa Hermosa, one of the beaches I’ve always wanted to surf. I guess if I can make it through the Peach Tree 10K without training I’ll be able to also catch some waves. I just hope my legs stop hurting before then, just kidding.

We’re staying in three bedroom condos for the week since there are so many of us. Which is always a lot of fun because enivitably someone gets sick and passes the bug around. Usually its our brother Evan or Jenna but who knows maybe I’ll be the lucky one this year. I’ve always wanted to go to Costa Rica. A bunch of my friends make yearly trips (before air plane tickets went through the roof due to gas) to go surfing at Playa Hermosa. There are a lot of cheap places to crash at locally and great hidaway spots to eat.

This will be Jess and I’s last great get away adventure before parent hood sets in and traveling becomes more difficult. I feel a bit sad that Jess won’t be able to surf or do much this trip but she’s been to Costa Rica before so I’m sure she knows some great local trips we can take together for some alone time. Truth be told she’ll be the ‘near center’ of attention next to our grandparents. The pic to the right is a nearby cove. I had a buddy in Seminary, Mike Van Gilst, who was a missionary in Costa Rica for two years who also was an avid surfer…tuff life!

Well I know Jess has been counting the days till this trip and after seeing these pics I guess I’m going to start counting to. I’m planning on some meditative down time while we’re there to take stock of all the changes in our life over the past year and the changes ahead. Most of all I’m looking foward to the celebration of Dick and Betty’s (our grandparents) 60 beautiful years of marriage. They are two of the dearest most generous Christians I know and I’m so glad they are apart of a more eternal family.

I don’t plan on bogging much in these next couple days if at all but I’ll be back after the vacation is over. I’ve read a few books I haven’t been able to post reviews on and a few that I started but didn’t finish in the Spring.