We stayed in luxury condos in Bella Vista, part of the Los Suenos Marriot resort area. The pic above was taken off of our balcony. In all there were 24 of us which shared 4 condos. A ton of fun and laughter ensued through out the week.

Here’s the whole pack of us taken before the anniversary dinner at El Galeon inside the resort area. Jess and I are off to the left, to the left of us is Kim and his family (Jess’s uncle), to the left of us is our family and to the top right is Rick (Jess’s uncle) and his family and below them is Liza and her family (Jess’s Aunt). In the center is Dick and Betty, Jess’s grandparents. The theme of the night was “It all started because two people fell in love.

Ok so every average surfer knows that any amount of down time from the sport means loss of upper body strength and loss of lung capacity. Both were put to the test at Jaco but I’m happy to say I got a ton of rides regardless. I never made it to Playa Hermosa because the locals said the surf there is really technical and there’s a lot of dangerous rocks on the bottom of the floor. Its a tourist killer they say. But Jaco was a blast and it was plenty big for fun boarding. A lot different than the NorthEast waves that are steep and close out quickly, sort of like Coco Beach in that the waves were wide and long and closed out at a decent rate which meant great rides.

One of the funnest things we did in Costa Rice was the Canopy Tours. Needless to say it was a rush swinging through the jungle high above the trees and rivers. We did this thing called superman which required us to get in a full body harness and zip across a crocodile river – totally cool!

You can see the topography in the background of where we were zip lining, beautiful jungle mountains. Truly a sight to see. Jess’s activities that day included the butterfly zoo and the iguana zoo and lunch. Tuff being pregnant and on vacation πŸ™‚

We went to a really nice restaurant (Villa Caletas) set on top of a mountain that is said to have the second best sunset views in the world. It was overcast while we were there but even then you got to see this. I could see a huge wave breaking of the shore below, who knows maybe it will be the next great big wave surfing location to be discovered.

This our family in Costa Rica on the island of Tortuga. We took a huge catamaran over to it and enjoyed snorkeling and other activities while there. The people in the pic above from left to right are: Jenna my wife’s sister; Paul and Kerry my wife’s parents; Evan and his wife Heather, my wife’s brother; and Jess and I.

And here’s the 60th anniversary grandparents that were the reason we were all there. Dick and Betty congradulations on a wonderful 60th anniversary and the announcement of another great grandbabby on the way from Corrie and Bruno!