In preparing a four week series called “Living Sent” I picked up one of my out of print books on mission by Roger Greenway. He and Harvie Conn edited a few volumes that though they are hard to find are well worth the searching. Greenway said something that really convicted me, he said;

Pray…that the word may spread rapidly!” says Paul. The Authorized Version says “may have free course.” The American Standard says “may run.” In plainest English, Paul is asking us to pray that the gospel will travel on high-speed superhighways and not be bogged down on back country trails. There is urgency in Paul’s voice. He yearns to see the whole world evangelized. “Pray,” he says in effect, “that every man, woman, and child will hear the word of the Lord as soon as possible.” Roger Greenway, A World to Win

You know I think a lot of my prayer life lacks that urgency of Paul. The urgency that believes so strongly that God is passionate about covering the face’s of the earth with the good news that I should pray, pray, pray for people all over the world, especially global cities. And in my particular context people living in Hall and Gwinett county. I think my faith hits the pause key far too often when it comes to God spreading the gospel.

Do you pray that God would send his gospel along superhighways, and if you pray that are you willing to be a vessel for that?

These are the convicting questions my heart was left with today…

(Photographic art by Godi, piece entitled “the missing key“)