Publisher Description: Edited by David Smith with consulting editor John Stott, the Christian Doctrine in Global Perspective series provides intercultural exposition of key tenets of Christian belief. Each volume is written by a leading international evangelical thinker who brings his or her distinct voice and fresh insight to traditional theological categories as the unchanging gospel takes shape in an increasingly interconnected world.

Very rarely is there a series created that is worth reading in its entirety. I believe this series may indeed by one of those rare series. I’ve read Escobar’s and Wright’s book but haven’t had the chance to explore the other titles yet but I’m very excited by what I see. Western & Non-Western theologians writing for a global audience. Writers who are speaking in a timely, relevant, contextual fashion with a view to the new setting of the church – global. I heartily recommend this series to readers who long to hear what the Spirit is saying in the global church. Here’s a link to the main page at IVP for the series.