You can find the interview here. And Andy Crouch’s new web page for his book can be found here. The question of how our faith connects to culture has been one of the richest dialogues over the last century in mainstream Evangelicalism. Some choose to speak of the relation of our faith as above culture, within culture, and against it; others like Godawa in a very helpful fashion talk about how we all have tendencies toward cultural gluttony or cultural anorexia. I’m curious to see where Crouch takes his readers and what categories or frames he uses.

Within some of the extremer versions of my own reformed tradition there is a tendency to emphasis metaphors of pilgrimage or sojourning to the exclusion of the fuller biblical-theological message of scripture. What happens is that at times the practical value of cultural engagement can look more Gnostic than Christian when these extremer versions gain public influence. Of course the approach of using an over-realized eschatology is likewise dangerous and can make cultural making look like a Utopian enterprise rather than the cross-bearing expression of the Christian faith in the lives of the early church. This tendency is much more popular among non-reformed communities than reformed. But hey nobody is free of these dangers, and entering the conversation about cultural making in a naive fashion will only render one vulnerable to serious error and an abandonment of a fuller expression of what it means to be the church.

Are Christians called to make culture? An interesting question. I think whether we are called to or not we by our creaturely nature do create culture. You see how you answer the question is dependent on how you define culture. I see culture as an agreggate of values formed out of the existing human ethos and the prior ethos’s. At times as a reaction to the present and at times as a hopeful embodiment of the future. I think its that latter form of cultural making that we need to explore and emphasis today. What does it mean to be intentional cultural collaborators who are chastened by the coming Kingdom of God, the present Resurrection Spirit, and the security of the Father’s promises and plans…

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