Here’s a look at some of the series we did as a youth ministry this past year. Anyone who’s spent time leading youth ministries before can attest that it is hard to find good resources to use for both teaching youth and making their small group breakout times deep and meaningful. Of course part of the problem is that we as teachers all have our own theological and practical axes to grind. I’m no different in that regard

Some of the redundant teaching areas my ministry focuses on are these;

  • The practical value of the gospel in our relationships
  • The substance of the Christian Worldview and how it can apply and be used as a pair of spectacles to view life from.
  • Seeing Christ in all the scriptures, and getting a sense of the redemptive-historical story of scripture.
  • What it means to live missionally today in light of the shifts of globalism and global Christianity, postmodernity and the post-Christian West. (and looking at these in youth contexts)
  • Offering theological education that doesn’t become a dusty bookshelf in a persons mind, but a way to view popular culture, life issues, and of course God & self & neighbor.

If you’re a youth leader or youth pastor I’d love to hear about some of the teaching series you’ve done. And what teaching/preaching/conversational values you uphold throughout the year…

UPDATE: If anyone knows how to upload pub files to wordpress please let me know. I’d like to upload all these series as share-ware resources. At the very least they make good templates for things you as leaders may be doing.